Jackie Batson

Hi..I'm Jackie! Originally from California, I do and always will call myself a California girl, but now Colorado is home and I've somehow morphed into a mountain girl. I am an outdoors, health food, activity junky. Over the years, I've had to teach myself that a day of rest every once in a while is good for the soul and allows for me to keep doing the things I love.

Years ago, I would have told you I'm the poster child for running myself into the ground. I suffered with migraines for as long as I could remember and slowly began learning to listen to my body. Through this adventure, I purged gluten, dairy, sugar and the fear of saying "no". I added in vegetables, lots of healthy fats, all forms of exercise and a concerted effort to say yes to the things that bring me life.

Sharing my experiences and knowledge I've gained brings me life. If my vulnerability helps others feel their not alone, then I will lay myself bare. My hope is that my intentionality to be real will inspire others to accept themselves as they are and challenge themselves to be even better. 

bōnə ˈfīdē | adverb: sincerely; without intention to deceive