I'm Jackie Batson, a California turned Colorado girl, proud pup mom and wife to my babe of a husband, Cole. I live in yoga pants and think whiskey is one of God's greatest gifts to mankind. More often than not, you'll find me with my hair in a top knot and it's rare that I attempt to be glamorous. I love food, exercise and trying new things.

I am a home-bodied extrovert that often feels overwhelmed by all of life's demands. When it comes to relationship, I'm a truth seeker. I desire to have real, raw relationships with other women. The kind where we call each other out on our junk and don't hide our insecurities. When you allow others to see your true self, they have the opportunity to either accept or reject you. No one likes rejection, but if you are truly you, and someone receives you still, there's nothing better.